Europe’s cities are some of the world’s greatest tourism destinations. The socio-economic impact of tourism is extraordinary and urban tourism, but it brings at the same time a range of negative externalities, including high levels of unsustainable resource consumption and waste production. In comparison with other cities, tourist cities have to face additional challenges related to waste prevention and management due to their geographical and climatic conditions, the seasonality of tourism flow and the specificity of tourism industry and of tourists as waste producers.

The Role of IDeTIC is developing ICT Tools, using Smart-City based strategies, so as to provide information about the user’s response to the management resources of the cities
Título del proyecto: URBAN-WASTE
Entidad financiadora:  Unión Europea H2020, Call: H2020-WASTE-2015-two-stage
Duración: 2016-18
Cuantía financiación: 240.000 €
Investigador principal: Dr. Rafael Pérez Jiménez
Centro de Investigación: IDeTIC
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